BISP New Monthly Payment New Update May 2024

Benazir income support program supports the large population in the country in many ways. Either it is the Ehsaas 8171 program or the Waseela-e-Taleem program. This program definitely brings a sigh of relief to the lives of a number of people.

BISP New Payment Latest Update

Eligible people receive payments on a monthly basis. There is a new update in the system of payment which will be further discussed in the article.

Online check of New Payment of BISP:

A message is sent to the contact number of the registered population regarding the Benazir income support program payment, whether the payment has been sent to the bank accounts or not. The management of BISP has decided to make the payment system quicker and hassle-free.

Online check of New Payment of BISP

BISP has decided to take this forum to another level in serving humanity to a greater level. The family has almost reached nine million which is getting benefits from BISP every month in different ways. Moreover, the registration process for the Benazir income support program has changed a little bit and is even easier so that it gets easy for eligible applicants to sign up for the program and get an advantage in order to improve their lifestyle.

Method to Check the Status of BISP Payment:

There are two methods to check the new payment system of BISP which is following.

1st Method:

  1. Visit the website for BISP.
  2. An option to enter the ID card number will be shown, click that option.
  3. After entering the CNIC number, another option to KNOW will appear on the screen.
  4. Press the option, and check whether the payment is been sent to the account or not.
  5. If the payment is yet to be sent, an option to follow the survey will appear on the screen.
  6. Follow the instructions given in the survey window to check the payment status.
Method to check status of BISP Payment

2nd Method:

The second method to check the status of BISP payment is through SMS to 8171 in the following way.

  1. Open the SMS bar on your mobile.
  2. Enter your CNIC number in SMS.
  3. Then send the SMS to 8171.
  4. A message will be received on mobile about the payment from BISP.

Registration for Benazir Income Support Program:

This is for those eligible people of the country who fulfill the eligible criteria for registration in BISP but due to any reason have not registered in the program and are willing to get registered as soon as possible. There are two methods for registration in BISP which are the following.

1st Method:

  1. The first method to get registered for BISP is the online registration.
  2. First step is to visit the official web portal for BISP.
  3. Then the applicant will be asked to provide certain information on the website.
  4. After providing the required information, the applicant’s status will be sent to the office of Benazir income support office for verification.
  5. After verification, if the applicant fulfills the eligible criteria will be sent an SMS on his or her mobile number through 8171.
Registration for Benazir Income Support Program

2nd Method:

This method is for those applicants who cannot get themselves registered through the online method.

  1. The other way to register in BISP is through the Tehsil office which conducts a survey for the applicant.
  2. The first step is to visit any nearby Benazir income support office.
  3. The applicant is required to bring his or her CNIC and children’s B-form along while visiting the office.
  4. A token is given to each applicant in the office.
  5. Then the applicant is asked to bring a survey for registration.
  6. The required information will be taken in the survey.
  7. After giving the information, it will be sent to the management for verification.
  8. After the verification, the applicant will be told whether you are eligible for the program or not.
  9. The eligible candidates will receive an SMS on their mobile from 8171.
  10. After getting the SMS from 8171, one becomes eligible for the monthly payment.

Requirements for BISP Online Registration:

There are some requirements for BISP online registration that include some documents of the applicant applying for the registration of BISP payment. The list of documents is as follows.

Requirements for BISP Online Registration
  1. National ID card of the applicant.
  2. If the applicant is transgender, must submit a transgender ID card.
  3. If the applicant is a widowed female, she must have the death certificate of her husband.
  4. The applicant is supposed to submit the B-Form of the children.
  5. Submit the family certificate.
  6. If the applicant is physically handicapped, he or she must have the disability certificate.

Benazir Income Support Program Helpline:

You can apply to the BISP through their website as well as by going to the registration center. You can check the eligibility through the website or by sending an SMS to 8171. You can also check your payment status by sending an SMS to 8171 as well. BISP has made the registration process and other processes quite easy for the beneficiaries. If the NSER survey of the interested candidates is conducted, then they can easily apply to the program.

Benazir Income Support program helpline

After completing the whole process of registration, the payment is supposed to be sent to the applicant’s bank account every month. But if the person faces any problem regarding payment or any other issue is free to contact the helpline of the BISP new payment management. The representative at the office notes the complaint of the person and solves the problem so that the person does not find any difficulty in receiving the new payment from BISP.


How can I check when is my payment under BISP due?

You can check the status of your payment by going to the website of ehsaas program and navigating to ‘’know the payment’’ section. If your payment is delayed without any reason, then you can check with the representatives by either visiting the center or by calling at the helpline.

What are the requirements for BISP online registration 2024?

The requirements for BISP online registration include the applicant’s valid CNIC, death certificate of the husband for widowed females, B-Form for children and a disability certificate if the applicant is physically handicapped.

How to apply and get registered under the BISP?

You can apply in this program by going to the website created for registration process. You have to provide your necessary details over there in order to get registered. You can even track your application status as well.

Final Verdict:

BISP and Ehsaas programs are social welfare programs that were introduced to help the poor and vulnerable class of our society. The programs aim to provide financial aid as well as food, shelter, education, job opportunities, and medical.

There are hundreds of people who are getting financial aid under the Ehsaas program and the Benazir Income Support Program under BISP unconditional cash transfer. Indeed, the update of the new payment brings in payment system from BISP brings more facilitation for not only the registered population but also provides an opportunity for those who are willing to register.

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