BISP Social Protection, Seniors 65 Years Older, Transgender:

BISP Social Protection, Seniors 65 Years Older, Transgender is yet another great and thoughtful initiative by the authorities of the Ehsaas Programme and BISP to provide social relief and rights to the most distressed community of our country. Generally, men and women are the two pillars of a society.

BISP Social Protection, Seniors 65 Years Older, Transgender

Both genders have equal respect, dignity, and importance in a community. They are provided with equal rights and strength which ultimately strengthens up the society. But it is also a fact that there are societies where women are not provided with equal rights and respect in comparison with men. Women are overshadowed, and not given equal opportunities for education, employment, etc.

This is the dilemma of certain cultures and societies. Although, women are no way less than men in any capacity. Islam is a religion that teaches peace, harmony, equality between both genders distribution of rights among people and much more.

But there is a community in every society that is always overlooked and underestimated by the rest of the society. That community is known as Transgenders. Transgenders are also the creature of Allah Almighty and human beings. But sadly, transgenders are not given the equal respect and provided by the equal rights.

Sometimes, they are not even treated as human beings due to their appearance. A sense of discrimination is observed with the transgenders. A number of transgenders are disowned by their parents and are left alone to survive in this cruel world.

BISP Initiative for Elder Transgenders:

Benazir income support program has been serving and relieving humanity for a long time. BISP is one of the largest welfare programs which has different sub-programs which has a core purpose of providing relief to the underprivileged and poor communities. Pakistan has been struggling with a number of ongoing crises, like inflation, a drowning economy, and political instability.

BISP Initiative for Elder Transgenders

The citizens do not have enough resources and most of the community is suffering from poverty. So, in this struggling phase, BISP has caused great relief for the poor and needy community of our country through various welfare programs. Another appreciable motive of the Benazir Income Support Program is BISP Social Protection, Senior 65 Years and Older, Transgenders.

Benazir income support program has come up with an excellent initiative of providing relief to the elder transgenders. As mentioned by its name, this program has a motive of supporting those transgenders who have grown old and do not have enough resources or any job to fulfill their requirements of life. 

Registration for BISP Social Protection, Seniors 65 Years Older, Transgenders:

Let us not forget the fact and reality of our society that transgenders have never been given respect and equality-based treatment. We live in a society where even young transgenders are not provided with proper employment and they are not left with any other option except to beg on the streets.

People look upon them and they do not get any way to grow and make a better future for themselves. Since this is the situation and crucial condition of transgenders lives, what we can expect from the living standards of elder transgenders.

So, BISP social protection, senior 65 years older, transgenders program has started the registration for old age transgenders. The day specified for the registration of this program is Saturday. A complete dynamic survey will be carried out so that maximum recruitment will be performed and the eligible population will be provided relief.

Registration for BISP Social Protection, Seniors 65 Years Older, Transgenders

The following population has been selected as eligible for this program.

  1. Anyone belonging to transgender or Khawaja Sara Community.
  2. Any handicapped or differently abled Person.
  3. Transgender aged 65 or more than 65 years of age.

Any person who grows old becomes fragile and prone to diseases and a less healthy life, what one can expect from old-age transgenders who have already gone through a quite tough life. They are not blessed with a healthy lifestyle their quality of life is also not optimal.

So, when they grow old, they become more vulnerable to a diseased lifestyle. Neither do they have any source of income nor they are healthy and young enough to earn and improve their quality of life.

Objectives of BISP Social Protection:

Ehsaas program has been working under the Benazir Income support program since a long time ago with an objective of providing opportunities and relief to the low-income population. Ehsaas program has been working in coordination with BISP Social Protection, seniors 65 years and older, transgender program.

Ehsaas interest-free loans with an easy installment plan will be provided to the transgenders so that they can start their own business or they pursue their education. 

If transgenders are treated on an equality basis without any discrimination in the society, the society can be made a better place to live for them as well. There should not be any biases or partiality in the education sector, in the health department, for employment, or at any other place in the country. If this system will be observed, transgenders would never indulge themselves in crime, addictions, begging or in any sort of unreasonable activities.

Objectives of BISP Social Protection

The core objective of this program is to facilitate the transgenders of any age but especially the senior transgenders are being facilitated more under this program. This program along with the coordination of the law-making system aims to make a policy in which senior transgenders are facilitated with pensions that help them to cope with the difficulties and challenges of old age.

Also, one of the most prominent features of this program is to provide social protection to senior transgenders in the society. Legal protection is observed and implemented to provide equal rights, financial support, healthcare facilities, and legal social protection. All these efforts will definitely provide the transgender community a great sense of happiness and protection which will literally improve the living standards.

Final Verdict:

BISP Social Protection, Seniors 65 Years Older, Transgender is an initiative that intends to make policies to provide social rights, health care services, and social protection to the senior citizens of the transgender community to ensure their healthy lifestyle. This initiative will definitely provide senior transgenders a sense of relief and help them improve their quality of life.

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