Dar-ul-Pass Ehsaas Program Online Registration

Ehsaas program has been serving collectively and generally for the prosperity of society. Our society is full of vulnerable, needy, low-income, and deserving populations. Pakistan, being a poor country is facing a number of problems and challenges regarding inflation, political instability, and economic crisis.

We have so many people in our surroundings who are extremely prone to a vulnerable lifestyle. As a nation, it is our dutiful responsibility to come forward and put our efforts for the betterment and prosperity of these people.

Ehsaas Dar-ul-Pass Program Online Registration

But the most important role that anyone can play towards the progression of a country is none other than the Government of a country. Government has a key role in providing ways for citizens of a country to flourish, progress, and make themselves capable of an optimum lifestyle.

If we see the quality of life of the poor population of our country it is quite disturbing and miserable. They do not have enough resources to cope with the poverty and make them able to improve their life standards.

While managing the current circumstances of the country, the Government of Pakistan has initiated with an amazing yet appreciable step of launching Ahsas Programme. Ehsaas Programme has already been serving with different sub-programs to support the poor population of society.

There are a number of projects of the Ahsaas program which are providing financial aid to the vulnerable community. This article is about another ahsas program by the name of ahsaas-Dar-ul-Pass. The details of this program will be discussed in the article below.

Introduction to Dar-ul-Pass:

The most unfortunate incident of a person’s life is to lose one’s parents. Parents are the most precious and beautiful blessing from Allah Almighty. But unfortunately, it is a fact that death is a reality. We do not get to spend our whole lives with our loved ones. But unfortunate are the children who had lost their parents at a very young age and have to be called an orphan.

Introduction to Dar-ul-Pass

Indeed, an orphan’s life cannot be as happy and joyful as the other children have. Generally, our society does not provide equal chances to orphans to improve their quality of life, especially when they belong to a poor background. Ahsaas Dar-ul-Pass Program is an initiative and a sub-program of Ahsaas which has been initiated for the betterment and flourishment of orphans in our country.

Anybody who owns the guardianship or has the custodianship of an orphan child is being directed by the authority of Ahsas Dar-ul-pass program to get registered in the program. The poor guardians of orphans are instructed to visit any nearby Orphanage for the registration process in the program. An application form will be provided by the ahsas Dar-ul-pass management with the requirements of few credentials. 

Being registered in the program, the custodians of orphans will be given financial help by the Government to manage the expenses of daily necessities and residence of the orphan. Basically, the funds which is collected in Bait-ul-mal will be used honestly to provide some relief in the lives of orphans.

Eligibility Criteria for Ahsaas Dar-ul-Pass Program:

There a proper eligibility criteria for Ahsaas Dar-ul-Pass Program which should be followed and are following.

Eligibility criteria for Ahsaas Dar-ul-Pass Program
  1. The guardian of the orphan must submit the death certificate of the father to become eligible for the program.
  2. The child for whom the guardian is applying for the Dar-ul-Pass program must be an orphan.
  3. Guardian or custodian of the program should belong to a poor or low-income family background to be eligible for the registration process.
  4. Last criterion for the program is that the orphan’s age must be around four to six years.

Key Role of Dar-ul-Pass Program:

Dar-ul-Pass Program is working with an objective of providing a holistic approach to the livelihoods of orphans. The basic targets of this program are given below.

Key Role of Dar-ul-Pass Program
  1. The funds received from the Ehsaas Dar-ul-Pass are used to provide proper residence to the orphan.
  2. The financial aid will help the orphans to continue their education and make a bright future for themselves.
  3. A proper source of nutrition can be managed with the support of the Ehsaas Dar-ul-Program.

Advantages of Dar-ul-Pass Program:

Orphans can get the following benefits from the Ehsaas Dar-ul-Pass Program.

Advantages of Dar-ul-Pass Program
  1. Orphans can get the facility of proper medical treatment if needed.
  2. A complete package of proper nutrition is provided to the orphans.
  3. For educational purposes, the expense of school uniforms, school fees, books, and transportation charges are covered in Ahsaas Dar-ul-Pass.
  4. In case, an orphan becomes a victim of any abuse, etc. will be provided with complete legal help from the program.
  5. The important advantage an orphan can receive from the program is accommodation or residence. At least, the orphans can have a shelter to live in.

Online Registration Process for Dar-ul-Pass Program:

One must go through the following registration protocol for Ehsaas Dar-ul-Pass Program.

Online Registration process for Dar-ul-Pass Program
  1. The guardian is supposed to visit the nearby orphanage to initiate the registration process if fulfills the eligibility criteria for Ahsas Dar-ul-Pass.
  2. In the orphanage, the guardian will be provided with an application form.
  3. Along with filling out the form, the guardian is supposed to attach the following documents with it.
  4. Documents include the B-form of the orphan and the death certificate of the orphan’s father.
  5. After fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements, a verification process will be carried out.
  6. Once the verification process of the provided data is completed, the orphan becomes eligible for all the above-mentioned facilities and services.

With the facilities provided to the orphans, they can also become an active part of the society and establish a bright future for themselves.


What is the ehsaas Dar-ul-pass program online registration?

The ehsaas dar-ul-pass program was initiated under the ehsaas program 8171 especially aims at providing financial aid to the orphans who do not have anybody to provide them with the basic necessities.

How can guardians of orphans apply and register in this program?

The guardians are required to visit the nearest ehsaas dar-ul-pass center and fill out application form and attach necessary documents such as B-Form and death certificate of father of orphan.

What are the eligibility criteria of the ehsaas dar-ul-pass program?

Orphans who are between the age of 4 to 6 years, there guardians can apply in this program if they are living under the poverty line and cannot afford to fulfill the basic needs of the orphans, can apply in this program.

What are the benefits received under the ehsaas dar-ul-pass program?

Registered beneficiaries under the ehsaas dar-ul-pass program can get enough financial aid so that their education, food, shelter, medical and clothes can be made sure.

Final Verdict:

The Ahsaas Dar-ul-Pass program online registration is a source of service for the poor and helpless orphans of our society. The guardians of the orphan if meet the eligibility-criteria for the program, complete the online registration and receive facilities for the orphans. Ahsas Dar-ul-Pass program proved to be a blessing for the poor orphans to provide them with all the basic life needs.

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