Ehsaas Humqadam Program Online Registration Latest Update 2024

The Ehsaas Humqadam Program is a government initiative under the broader Ahsaas Program 8171 in Pakistan, that provides financial support to people with disabilities (PWDs). Humqadam Program offers unconditional cash transfers to individuals facing economic difficulties and physical challenges.

Ehsaas Humqadam Program Online Registration

The Ahsaas program is a social welfare program that was launched with the intent to provide relief to the distressed people of Pakistan. Under the Ehsaas program, there are several welfare programs designed and initiated to provide relief to different segments of society.

Under the Ehsaas Humqadam program, the government provides unconditional fund transfers to disabled individuals who belong to poor families and can’t afford the basic needs of life. Not only cash payments, but the program also provides medical equipment to those disabled who need them. This equipment is useful when the PWDs need them to carry out their daily activities and to make their lifestyle better.

Ehsaas Humqadam Program Online Registration

Under the Ehsaas Humqadam Program, the eligible beneficiaries can get an amount of Rs. 2,000 as unconditional cash transfers which they can withdraw from their bank accounts if they have provided the details. Such social welfare programs are a need of the hour especially when the country and its people are suffering a lot from the after-effects of the 2019 pandemic and rising inflation levels in the country.

Ehsaas Humqadam Program Online Registration

The Humqadam Programme, also aims at giving medical equipment where needed so that the independence of PWDs can be made successful as much as possible. Transparency and integrity in such welfare programs are also crucial factors. The authorities of the Ahsaas program make sure that the help and funds get to the people who are actually in need and deserve it. 

Humqadam Program Eligibility Criteria

Humqadam Program Eligibility Criteria
  • To be eligible, applicants must have a special CNIC/B form issued by NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) so that it can be made sure that they are a resident of Pakistan.
  • The candidates must not have the nationality of any other country.
  • The applicant makes sure that his/her PMT is less than 30. PMT is calculated by NSER.
  • Applicants must hold a valid CNIC indicating their disability.
  • The authorities distribute the payments every quarter after conducting biometric verification and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures.
  • Applicants should be financially dependent on others and have physical challenges.

Ehsaas Humqadam Program Goals 2024

The program’s main goal is to improve the well-being of PWDs and help them do better in their lives and achieve the things they want to achieve. The authorities of the Ehsaas program are working really hard to provide as much relief as they can to the deserving and needy citizens of our country.

Ehsaas Humqadam Program Goals

But the success of such welfare depends on various factors including but not limited to the economic condition of the country. Under the Ahsaas Humqadam Program, the beneficiaries who are PWDs can a monthly cash payment of Rs. 2,000 which they can get through branchless banking channels as well.

The Ahsas Humqadam program is valid especially in the province of Punjab since it is still in its initial stages and there is still a long way to go. Eligible citizens from all districts in Punjab can participate in this Humqadam programme. The introduction of such welfare programs is extremely important especially 

How to Check Your Application Status:

  • The candidates and beneficiaries can send an SMS to 8171 or via the Ehsaas Humqadam application to check the status of the application. 
  • Send an SMS with “HQ [Space] Your ID Card Number” (without dashes) to 8123.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Hum Qadam portal or the program app to check your status.
How to Check Your Application Status

The authorities of the Ehsaas program and BISP have made it very easy for the beneficiaries and interesting candidates to apply in the programme and get registered. They have created a website with the name of where candidates can go and apply. They can also search for the nearest registration centers in their tehsils for the registration process.

They are, however, required to provide the necessary details like their CNIC and other details correctly and honestly in the application form. The candidates can also track the status of their application or payment by sending an SMS to 8171 with their CNIC.


What role Ehsaas Humqadam Program is playing in society?

Ehsaas Humqadam Program has come up with an excellent initiative of providing cash relief to the people with different disabilities. This cash helps them to overcome the financial challenges faced by them to some extent.

How disabled people are being relieved through Ehsaas Humqadam Program?

A monthly cash support of Two Thousand Rupees by Ehsaas Humqadam Program has given such a relief in the miserable lives of poor handicapped people in Pakistan. It helps them to become financially independent.

What specific criteria is important for registration in Ehsaas Humqadam Program?

The disabled and handicapped population must have a valid ID card which clearly shows the person is disable and belong to a low-income family. After registration, the persons with disabilities become eligible for the monthly stipend.

What is the process of registration for Ehsaas Humqadam program?

Ehsaas Humqadam program has kept the process of registration quite an easy so that maximum eligible disabled people can be registered. Ehsaas BISP web portal and any Benazir registration office are available for registration purpose.

Final Verdict

The Ehsaas Humqadam program aims to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities in Punjab by providing them with regular financial assistance to meet their basic needs. Under the Ahsaas Humqadam program, an unconditional cash transfer is made to the accounts of people with disabilities who are needy and can’t afford the basic needs of life.

The Ehsaas Humqadam programme also provides medical equipment like wheelchairs and crutches where needed so that the mobility of people with severe disabilities can be made possible. It’s a way to help them become more financially independent and improve their overall well-being. The candidates can apply in the program by visiting the website of the Ehsaas program or by visiting the registration center.

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