Ehsaas Petrol Card Online Registration

PM Ehsaas petrol card online registration is now open and all the poor deserving motorbike riders can apply for this program and get a relief of Rs. 2,000 monthly on their fuel. With the fluctuating Political and Socio-economic situation of Pakistan, inflation has reached its highest mark ever in the history of the country.

PM Ehsaas Petrol Card Online Registration

Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and has been struggling with the economy for quite a long time. The prices of goods, petrol, etc. are touching the skies and have become out of the reach of people. Today, if we see the price of petrol, it is above 300 rs. The increase in petrol prices means an increase in the prices of goods as well. Literally, people are unable to afford the current price of petrol and diesel.

PM Ehsaas Petrol Card Online Registration

Since, Pakistan has been under the debt of the IMF, with every loan installment of IMF, the country has to go through inflation to fulfill the terms and conditions. Therefore, petrol prices are being increased every fifteen days. With the price hike of petrol, the transportation cost has also been increased. Since fuel is the basic component of every machinery.

No machinery can be operated without the fuel. Due to inflation, the prices of fuel have been increased to such an extent that a large number of factories, Mills, and industries have been shut down for not being able to afford the inflated prices of fuel.

Poor, A Vulnerable Population:

With the increasing prices of fuel, the cost of electricity has also increased to its maximum level. Genuinely, people are dying of hunger and poverty due to the current stressful circumstances of the country. Generally, the population of Pakistan is facing quite a difficulty in coping with inflation. If we talk about the low-income, daily wagers and poor community of the country, the current situation has put such a negative impact on their lives that they are unable to manage their daily life expenses.

Poor, A Vulnerable Population

Any step taken towards the betterment of our society is always commendable and appreciable. Especially, when it comes from the Government and the efforts which are made by it to help the country flourish. The benefits that are provided by any of the schemes launched by the Government under the Ehsaas programme have and will always let the poor to grow and survive this difficult and crucial time. 

Ehsaas Petrol Card:

While keeping the above-mentioned overall scenario of the country, the Government of Pakistan on the instructions of the Prime Minister has come forward with an initiative of providing Ahsaas Petrol card to the deserving population. Ahsaas program under the Benazir Income Support Program has already been serving the poor citizens of the nation already by a number of projects. The Benazir Petrol card or Ahsaas Petrol Card is an initiative to provide monthly financial assistance by the Federal Government of Pakistan.

Ehsaas Petrol Card

It is the reality of our society that whenever inflation hits a country, the most vulnerable population is the poor community. So, dealing with the scenario, AHaas petrol cards are launched for the facilitation of the needy and poor population. Through ahsas petrol card, monthly 2000 rs for petrol expenses will be provided to the eligible motorcyclists of the country. 

A proper registration protocol will be followed according to the eligibility criteria of the Ehsaas Petrol card. Those candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be provided by the ahsas petrol card.

Online Registration for Ahsas Petrol Card:

There is a web portal created by Ehsaas Programme management for the Ehsaas Petrol card scheme which is 786EhsaasPetrolsubsidy. Anyone who opts for the facilitation of a Petrol card is supposed to apply online on the portal. One just needs to send his or her ID card number to 786 to check the eligibility of the person.

Online Registration for ahsas Petrol Card

If the person falls into the eligibility criteria, will further head toward the registration process.

Online Status Check of Ehsaas Petrol Card:

The online portal for Ahsaas Petrol card provides the facility of online registration as well and the online status of the card can be checked. Any update, application form process, balance of the card, etc. can be checked online on the portal.

Online Status Check of Ehsaas Petrol Card

Ahsaas Petrol Card, A facility for Motorbikers:

Pakistan is a poor and underdeveloped country and has been facing a political and economic crisis for a long time. While dealing with the outcomes of inflation and political instability in the country, the Government has initiated various schemes to help out the poor and needy community. Various steps are being taken to get people out of this crisis.

Ahsaas Petrol Card, A facility for Motor bikers

The Ahsaas Petrol card is basically launched by the Benazir Income support program for motor bikers. Generally, the low-income category of our society is bike riders and it has become extremely difficult for them to afford the increasing cost of fuel. So, through the Ahsas Petrol card facility, the motorbikers will receive a money grant of two thousand rupees every month to manage the fuel cost of their bikes.

Application of Ehsaas Petrol Card:

Ehsaas petrol card has an application that can be downloaded from the Play Store. Smartphones are not accessible to everybody in our country. But those who have smartphones can download the Ahsaas Petrol Card app and get the registration done. 

Application of Ehsaas Petrol Card

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Petrol Card Check CNIC

Every Ehsaas Programme has eligibility criteria, so the Ahsaas Petrol Card has specific eligibility criteria which are the following.

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Petrol Card Check CNIC
  1. Anyone who is jobless and has no source of income will be eligible for this scheme.
  2. Poor laborers and daily workers who are vulnerable to poverty are eligible for Ahsaas petrol card.
  3. The government has proposed a poverty score, if a person lies within the poverty score will definitely be eligible.
  4. Poor motor bikers like food panda delivery boys, courier company delivery men, etc. are eligible for petrol subsidy.


What are the benefits under the PM Ehsaas Petrol Card?

The PM ehsaas petrol card is a recent initiative taken by the former prime minister Shehbaz Sharif for the motorbike riders of the country. Under this program, a monthly cash fuel allowance will be given to reduce the burden due to the rising fuel prices.

How can I apply for the PM Ehsaas Petrol Card online registration?

To apply for the Ehsaas Petrol Card, eligible individuals can register online through the official web portal of the Ehsaas Programme. Applicants need to send their valid CNIC to 786 to check their eligibility. If eligible, they can proceed with the registration process.

What are the eligibility criteria for the PM ehsaas petrol card online registration?

Those who are most affected from the inflation in the country and rising fuel prices can apply in this program including daily wagers, labors, unemployed, students etc.

Final Verdict:

Ehsaas petrol card is yet another very helpful and thoughtful initiative by the government of Pakistan to help and provide relief to the poor people. The initiative has just been launched due to the rising inflation in our country. Undoubtedly, the Ehsaas Petrol card scheme is a sigh of relief for the poor motorbikers to help them afford petrol.

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