NSER Survey Online Registration 2024 – Check Online By CNIC

According to the latest update in the NSER Survey online registration check CNIC, another round of the survey is being conducted so that those who were left in the previous one could be included and more and more needy and poor people can apply in Ehsaas program and BISP. This update would prove to be beneficial for both the authorities and the candidates.

NSER Survey Online Registration Check CNIC

NSER Survey Online Registration 2024

The aim is to get as many deserving and needy citizens on Ehsaas social welfare programs as possible so that poverty and hunger can be addressed and reduced. If you want to apply to the Ehsaas program or the Benazir income support program and wondering how to check the eligibility status then you must go to the website of Ehsaas and provide your CNIC.

NSER Survey Online Registration

However, it is crucial to know that only those people whose NSER survey is conducted would be able to know their eligibility for the program. But the good part is that if your survey is not been taken then you can now enroll in it.

What is the National Socio-economic Registry (NSER)?

The National Socio-economic Registry (NSER) is an effort in Pakistan to collect accurate data about needy and deserving individuals and households. This initiative falls under the Ehsaas program and aims to determine the economic status of families to better target welfare programs.

What is the National Socio-economic Registry (NSER)

The NSER survey gathers information about household members, their employment status, education, housing, and other necessary details. This data then creates a “Poverty Scorecard” that identifies those people who are in need of financial aid through various Ehsaas Social programs.

The NSER was launched in 2010 alongside the Benazir Income Support Program. Initially, it used pen-and-paper interviews to collect data from 27 million households. This data was later updated in 2015 and 2019-21. If you want to apply to the Ehsaas program and get registered under it, then you make sure that your NSER dynamic survey has been conducted already. Only then you would be able to know about the eligibility and be able to apply in the Ehsaas program or BISP.

National Socio-Economic Register NSER App

According to the recent update in the NSER dynamic survey, an app with QR codes has been introduced, to make the registration process smooth and faster and for efficiently conducting the survey. To complete your survey tracking number, visit your nearest Nadra office and provide the necessary information.

National Socio-Economic Register NSER App

You’ll receive a survey number for Ehsaas program registration. You can use this number to get the survey done and then know about your eligibility in the social welfare programs of Ehsaas and BISP. The survey asks questions about your family, the number of members in your household, their ages and relation with your, family income its details and proof, house property details etc.

NSER Survey Online Registration Check

To register online or access forms, visit the official Ehsaas program or BISP websites for up-to-date information. Eligibility for NSER includes having a valid CNIC and Pakistani nationality. The survey will determine eligibility, whether you’re rich or poor and deserve to be considered for the program. To check your survey status, send your 13-digit ID card to 8171 or use the online portal.

NSER Survey Online Registration Check

You can also visit the NSER website to locate your nearest registration center. When completing the survey, you’ll need your valid identity card, income details, and family member information. The poverty score is calculated after survey completion. Visit the official NSER Nadra gov. pk website to apply for the scheme and check your status by sending your Nadra digital code to 8171 and entering your CNIC number. Submit the form to view your status.

Ehsaas Program 8171 Online Registration CNIC 2024

According to the new update in the Ehsaas program, you can now apply in the initiative by visiting the official website or by going to the registration center which is nearest to your home. You will be required to provide them with your CNIC and other details that the application form asks for.

Ehsaas Program 8171 Online Registration CNIC

However, you must remember that you can only apply to the program if your NSER dynamic survey is already conducted. To get your survey conducted you can browse the website and get yourself registered so that your survey can be taken and see if you are eligible for the program or not.


What is NSER dynamic registry and what does it has to do with Ehsaas Program?

The NSER is national socio-economic dynamic survey which was introduced as a way to collect the information about the households in the country. It is a database being maintained by the authorities so that accuracy and transparency in the poverty alleviation programs can be made sure.

Is there a mobile application for national socio-economic survey?

Yes, NSER has launched their mobile application in which you can enroll and get your survey conducted. This has been done to streamline the process and make it seamless. You can take the survey and know about your eligibility status in the ahsaas program.

Is it necessary to get the NSER survey conducted?

Yes, it is mandatory for the applicants for the ahsaas program registration that they have already gotten their NSER survey conducted, otherwise their applications wouldn’t be entertained and they won’t be able to get any help.

Final Verdict

The National Socio-economic Survey NSER is a great effort towards inclusion in social welfare programs like Ehsaas and BISP. Under this survey, the surveyors ask you all the necessary information that they need to analyze whether you are needy or not. If you want to apply in the Ehsaas program then you must know that your NSER survey is conducted. Only then you will be able to apply and register in the program. Under Ehsaas 8171 program, You get Rs. 14,000 for unconditional cash transfer which you get at once every year. This amount has recently been revised due to the increased prices of everything and the decreased purchasing power of the people.

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