Ehsaas 786 Program Online Registration Check May 2024

With the rising inflation and economic crisis in Pakistan, the price of everything is touching the skies literally and it is getting difficult for each and every one in the country to fulfill their needs. Things are getting out of control and even worse day by day with increasing prices of goods.

Ehsaas 786 Program Online Registration Check

However, in the past, it was the task of a poor man to face difficulties and hardships to live a balanced life and manage daily life expenses. But nowadays, it is of utmost difficulty for even the elites to bear the cost of things and the thing at the top of the list is the price of petrol. 

Ehsaas 786 Programme

While keeping this scenario in mind, the Government of Pakistan has initiated the Ehsaas Programme under the label of the Benazir Income Support Program to bring some relief to the lives of people. Under the Ahsaas program, the poor community of our country is being relieved in literally so many ways.

Ehsaas 786 Programme

The government has started to provide relief to deserving people with low incomes. Ahsas program provides relief to single mothers, older adults, transgenders, and poor students with a monthly stipend.

Price Hikes of Petrol in 2024:

Undoubtedly, the prices of goods have seen a record-breaking increment in the history of Pakistan. But one thing which has broken all the records with its price hikes within a very short span is petrol. Petrol prices have increased so much that it is getting out of people’s range and affordability to afford petrol nowadays. 

Price Hikes of Petrol in 2023

So basically, it all has been started from the instability of the political situation of Pakistan. Imran Khan was dismissed from the Parliament in 2022 after a vote of no confidence. Then PDM took over the country, there was a financial crisis, and instability in the political system. Due to the worst circumstances, Pakistan had faced the worst price hiking of daily use goods and petrol as well.

The world has progressed a lot and technology is taking over everything. The man work has been shifted to the machinery to bring ease in life and also machine saves time of man to a large extent. But machines be it of any type need fuel like diesel, petrol, kerosene etc. 

Sasta Petrol Package by Ehsaas Programme:

In 2024, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shehbaz Sharif announced a relief package in petrol prices to help out the deserving and needy community of our society. A scheme is announced called Sasta Petrol which provides a relief package of petrol under the label of Ehsaas 786 Program.

Sasta Petrol Package by Ehsaas Programme

Subsidy of 2000 RS in Petrol:

Indeed, a positive step towards the betterment and support of the low-income and poor families of Pakistan. Poor communities cannot afford the basic needs of life so it is almost impossible to meet the challenge to afford the massive price hikes of petrol.

Ehsaas 786 program has announced a Sasta Petrol scheme for deserving and needy females who are raising their families single-handedly. 2000rs are given to the needy people of our society on a monthly basis to manage the expense of their petrol and diesel.

Subsidy of 2000 RS in Petrol

Millions of eligible persons are being relieved with this monthly subsidy of 2000rs on petrol and diesel. Eligible candidates are instructed to register themselves for this Sasta Petrol and Sasta Diesel scheme.

Online Registration for Ehsaas 786 Program:

For the eligible community of our society for the Ehsaas 786 program, the people who earn less than 40,000 a month are eligible for this program and the Sasta petrol or diesel scheme. All they need to do to get this relief package of 2000rs on a monthly basis for petrol or diesel is to register themselves. The procedure of registration is quite an easy task, eligible persons are supposed to send their national ID card number without space to 786.

Online Registration for Ehsaas 786 Program

Another way of registration for the Ehsaas 786 Program is through the online system which is the online portal made for the Ehsaas 786 online check.

Online Registration on Ehsaas 786 Web Portal:

The procedure for online registration in the Ahsaas 786 program for the petrol relief monthly package is simple and accessible to almost everyone who is eligible and is trying to register for the scheme. The first and most important step for online registration is the eligibility check of deserving people.

Online Registration on Ehsaas 786 Web Portal

For this purpose, an NSER survey is required to be done prior to the online registration for eligibility check. After the eligibility check, the persons are required to their CNIC check on the web portal for the Ahsas program which is the 8171 web portal. After fulfilling the whole criteria, the person is allowed to receive a subsidy of 2000rs on petrol or diesel on a monthly basis.

786 CNIC Check for Online Registration:

Honestly, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased twice a month and have reached the highest of all time in the history of Pakistan. The price hike and the latest update in petrol prices are being informed on the web portal of 786. 

For the petrol and diesel scheme, 786 online registration is the pathway, and an SMS service of 786 is available for the CNIC check of eligible persons. All they need to follow the following instructions.

786 CNIC Check for Online Registration
  1. Open the SMS window on your mobile.
  2. Put your ID card number without space in the SMS.
  3. Send it to 786.
  4. The important thing is that the SIM of the person should be registered on the ID card of that person.

Eligible Persons for Sasta Petrol or Diesel Scheme:

The following population is eligible for a 2000rs relief petrol or diesel package of Ehsaas 786 program.

Eligible persons for Sasta Petrol or Diesel Scheme
  1. Registered members of the Benazir Income Support program.
  2. If there is no male member in the family as a head then that family will be eligible.
  3. Widows are eligible for this scheme.
  4. Families with a monthly income of less than forty thousand rupees are eligible.
  5. If a family becomes eligible for this program, only one member of the family will get a subsidy.
  6. In case of no widow in the family, then the male member who must be eligible will get the subsidy.


What is the Ehsaas 786 Program and how is it providing relief to the poor people of Pakistan?

The Ehsaas 786 Program is an initiative by the Government of Pakistan, specifically under the Benazir Income Support Program, aimed at providing relief to the poor and deserving people of our country. The program includes schemes like Sasta Petrol, which offers a monthly subsidy of Rs. 2000 on petrol or diesel.

Who is eligible for the sasta petrol or diesel scheme under ehsaas 786?

Eligibility criteria for the sasta petrol or diesel scheme include people who are already the beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program, having no male family head, widows and families with a monthly income below forty thousand rupees. Only one eligible member per family is entitled to receive the subsidy.

How can individuals register for the Ehsaas 786 Program and Sasta Petrol Scheme?

You can register in the ehsaas 786 program either through an SMS by sending your valid CNIC to 786, ensuring the SIM is registered in your own name, or through the 8171 web portal after completing the NSER survey for eligibility.

What is the purpose of the Ehsaas 786 Program’s Sasta Petrol Package?

The Sasta Petrol Package, part of the Ehsaas 786 Program, aims to alleviate the financial burden on deserving and needy people by providing a monthly subsidy of Rs, 2,000 on petrol and diesel. This initiative targets those who are hardly fulfilling their basic needs and are facing challenges due to the record-breaking increase in petrol prices in 2024.

Final Verdict:

An excellent relief plan for the poor community is to let them afford petrol or diesel by providing them monthly 2000rs for it. Under the Ehsaas 786 program, the government of Pakistan is trying to help the distressed families who are affected by inflation the most.

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