Ehsaas Rehri baan Program Online Registration:

A society is filled with people belonging to every class including the poor, rich, vendors, daily wagers, laborers, etc. Everybody in society has a specific role and contribution towards the betterment of the country. Suppose, if any of the components of society is missing, it creates a vacuum and the role played by that specific component breaks the chain, and a vicious cycle starts.

This article emphasizes the importance and facilitation process of daily wagers and vendors in our community. Daily wagers or vendors have a prominent role in our community and they are considered the most hardworking people.

Ehsaas Rehribaan Program Online Registration

But they are not paid as hard as they work and actually one of the most vulnerable populations in the country. Due to the rising inflation and unstable socio-economic circumstances of our country, it has become extremely difficult for the citizens to manage the daily life expenses.

Since daily wagers are already living a hand-to-mouth life their earning depends on the wage they get. Sadly, the daily wagers often have days when they do not get any work so they have to return to their homes empty-handed. Their lives are about poverty and hunger, sometimes they eat or sometimes they do not.

So, it is of utmost responsibility of the Government of Pakistan to look into this matter and come forward to produce ways that bring ease into the lives of daily wagers and vendors.

Ehsaas Rehri baan Program:

The government of Pakistan has launched the Ehsaas Rehri Baan program for the prosperity of vendors of our community. The Rehri baan including the ones who earn their bread and butter from the earning earned through the Rehri also called Carts. We see carts around us on streets and roads where the vendors sell different items and earn. But we should not forget the fact that carts are not available to every vendor who opts to earn through the cart. 

Ehsaas Rehribaan Program

Keeping this scenario in mind, the Government of Pakistan has come forward along with the mutual cooperation of the Ehsaas Programme to provide carts to the Rehri baan of our society. Ehsaas Rehri Baan has proved to be a big relief for the vendors. Ehsaas Rehri baan program is a sub-program of the Ehsaas Programme which has the motive of providing easy loans and carts to the Rehri baan.

Online Registration of Ehsaas Rehribaan Program:

Since the Ahsas program works through a proper protocol of registration eligibility criteria has been set for every program. Transparency is observed and ensures the accommodation of the eligible population in the best possible way. The management of the Ehsaas Programme ensures the process of registration is hassle-free. Likewise, registration for Ahsaas Rehribaan program is also not complicated so the maximum number of Rehri baans can get themselves registered for the program. 

Online Registration of Ehsaas Rehribaan Program

The Rehribaan opting for the registration in Ehsaas Rehri baan program is supposed to visit any nearby Ehsaas center. After the verification process, the Rehri baan will be provided by a cart on which he can earn his bread and butter and get to manage the daily living expenses. Along with the carts, Ehsaas Rehri baan program provides easy loans to the vendors with no terms and conditions. Loans can be returned with an installment plan, the per month installment is two thousand rupees.

Legal Accommodation of Street Vendors:

Ahsaas Rehri baan program initiative was taken to accommodate the Rehri baan or the street vendors of the country. The sole purpose is to eliminate poverty and to improve the quality of life of such a population. By improving the living standards of the vulnerable community, society can be made a much better place to live in.

Legal Accommodation of Street Vendors

In the past, street vendors used to displace and disperse from their spots because of the illegal installation of carts on the roads. So, it has been a disturbance for the vendors and has caused a hindrance in their way of earning. Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan came up with this initiative of providing a legal way of vendor cart installation. A proper license procedure was carried out in which licenses were provided to the vendors for their carts so that they would install their Rehri or carts on a proper spot. 

Ehsaas Rehri baan Program Activation in Province Punjab:

Ehsaas Rehri Baan program was initially activated in Punjab and this scheme proved to be a huge relief for the Rehri baan or one can say, street vendors. Since Ehsaas program has already been doing wonders and accommodating the vulnerable community of our country in many different ways. Imran Khan during his tenure extended this program to the other provinces as well so that the needy and deserving street vendors or Rehri baan can be facilitated as much as possible.

Ehsaas Rehribaan Program Activation in Province Punjab

This article has already mentioned the interest-free loan scheme to the vendors with the easy installment plan of loan return. There are few banks from which the street vendors can get easy loans and start their setup on carts. The banks included are Apna Micro-finance Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, and U-Microfinance Bank.

Final Verdict:

Ehsaas Rehribaan Program online registration was launched by Imran Khan for the street vendors of the society which aimed to provide carts to the vendors. Interest-free loans along with the license of the cart to sell items were provided in this scheme. Indeed, An excellent and legal step by the Ehsaas Rehribaan program aims to facilitate the vulnerable daily wagers or the street vendors. 

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