Ehsaas Labour Program Covid-19 A Worldwide Disaster:

Covid-19 proved to be one of the most fatal diseases that not only Pakistan but the world has ever experienced. The life-threatening disease had not only taken people’s lives but had badly affected the economies of nations worldwide. The world has witnessed the worst economic crisis ever during the pandemic of Covid-19. The death rates kept on increasing every single day during the pandemic. Millions of people all over the world lost their jobs. Daily wagers depend on their daily wages to run the bread and butter of the family. 

Ehsaas Labour Program Covid-19 A Worldwide Disaster

2020, was the worst year ever in the history of Pakistan from a healthcare system and economic perspective. Keeping the whole scenario in mind, the Government of Pakistan came up with an excellent and ground-breaking initiative to facilitate the poor community of our country, especially the daily wagers.

The low-income population and daily wagers are already prone to a vulnerable livelihood, Covid-19 pandemic has destroyed their lives. So, the Government of Pakistan on the instructions of the Prime Minister of that time Imran Khan came up with the initiative of providing a Labour Fund to the daily wagers under the scheme of Ehsaas Labour Program.

Ahsaas Labour Program CNIC Check 

Undoubtedly, Ex-PM Imran Khan had a quiet vision of improving the quality of life of the daily wagers and deserving population of our country. The pandemic had a really bad effect on the quality of life of almost people from every class but mainly the daily wagers got affected by Covid-19 disastrous spread. 

Ahsaas Labour Program CNIC Check

Imran Khan had a huge popularity among the Pakistanis and overseas Pakistanis. During the pandemic, the Imran Khan Government received huge funds from overseas Pakistanis to donate and contribute to the betterment of Pakistan. The fund definitely played a great role in the re-development of the country and helped the Prime Minister to provide assistance to the deserving people who had lost their employment during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ahsas Labour program is a cash assistance for the daily workers and vulnerable laborers of our society to help them grow and live a better life. It was a one-time cash grant of 12 thousand rupees given to the daily workers and laborers who were affected during the pandemic of Covid-19. The 12 thousand rupees cash assistance by the Government in Ehsaas Labour program was then increased to 13 thousand rupees.

This financial aid by the Ahsaas Labour program literally brought ease and was a sigh of relief for the daily wagers whose lives completely depended on the daily wages. 

Online Registration of Ehsaas Labour Program 2024:

Ehsaas Labour Program was launched by Imran Khan Government in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis for the vulnerable community of Pakistan. The proper registration process for this program was carried out according to the eligibility criteria. Now, the registration has been closed but as soon as it starts again one has to follow the following eligibility criteria.

Online Registration of Ehsaas Labour Program
  1. The person who opts for the Ehsaas Labour Program cash grant is supposed to visit the web portal of the 8171 Ahsaas program.
  2. As soon as the person visits the portal, an option of providing a Few credentials will be shown.
  3. The credentials will include the Mobile number and a Valid CNIC number.
  4. After putting the credentials, an OTP code will be sent to the person’s mobile number.
  5. By entering the OTP, an option to submit the information will be shown on the screen.
  6. An eligibility criteria will be shown on the screen.

Those daily wagers and affected laborers of the society who have not yet completed their Ehsaas program survey are directed to get the survey done as soon as possible. This survey will help them to register for the program.

 A Complete Guide to Online Registration of Ehsaas Mazdoor Program:

There is a complete guideline for the Ehsaas Mazdoor Program for the affected population of the country which are as follows.

A Complete Guide to Online Registration of Ehsaas Mazdoor Program
  1. The first step in the registration process for the Ehsaas Labour program is to visit any nearby Ehsaas office.
  2. After visiting the office, the representative from the office will hand over an application form to the person opting for registration.
  3. The application form requires to provide the name and registered SIM number of the person.
  4. After providing the above-mentioned information, the person is required to give complete information on his monthly income.
  5. The Ehsaas office management who has given the application form will demand to provide complete data of job or employment. 
  6. The organization or the company needs to be mentioned in employment data information.

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Labour Program:

Anyone who has lost his or her employment and whose jobs got affected due to Covid-19. Such a population can definitely apply for the registration of the Ehsaas Mazdoor Program and is eligible for the cash assistance of 13,000rs from the Government. The eligibility criteria for the program are the following.

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Labour Program
  1. Anyone who is not already a beneficiary of any Ehsaas program will be eligible for the Ehsaas Labour Program.
  2. Poor Rickshaw drivers who are spending their lives hand to mouth.
  3. Daily wagers and homeless people of our community.
  4. Anyone who is currently not employed and got badly affected during the economic crisis of the pandemic.
  5. All above-mentioned eligible populations must have to show proof of their employment record.

New Update of Ehsaas Labour Program Online Registration:

New Update of Ehsaas Labour Program Online Registration
  1. Before going further with the registration process of the Ehsaas Labour Program, it is very important to check whether the person who is willing to register is eligible or not.
  2. If the person falls into the eligibility criteria, collect the documentation process.
  3. After completing the documentation process, the verification of the data is very important.
  4. For all the documentation and verification process, the person is supposed to visit the registration office of Ahsaas where an application form filling process takes place.
  5. Finally, after completing the whole process, a notification will be provided to the person regarding his selection for cash assistance by the Ehsaas Labour Program.


How can I apply and get register in the ehsaas labor program online?

You can go to the website of the ehsaas program and enter the information the portal asks from you including your valid CNIC and other necessary details. Alternatively, you can visit the registration centers established by the program.

What are the eligibility criteria for the ehsaas labor program?

The eligibility criteria for the ehsaas labor program include those who lost their employment during Covid times and are not getting any other financial aid from the government under any poverty alleviation program.

Why was the ehsaas labor program launched and what are its benefits?

The ehsaas labor program was launched in 2020 during Covid times to financially help the labor class of our country who earn on daily wages and got severely affected by the pandemic.

How to apply and get register in this program in the registration center?

Those who want to apply offline can go to the nearest registration center of ehsaas program and see the representative there. The representative will provide an application form to be correctly filled by the applicant.

Final Verdict:

The Ahsas Labour Program, initiated by the Government of Pakistan during the Covid-19 pandemic, has provided essential financial aid to vulnerable daily wage workers and those who lost their jobs. This program, which began in 2020, offers much-needed relief to those who rely on daily wages to support their families, and its impact has been significant. The online registration process, when open, requires individuals to meet certain eligibility criteria, and it serves as a vital lifeline for those affected by the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

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