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8171 Ehsaas Khidmat card has been launched by the government of Pakistan. Under this card, special care and disabled persons will be given free medical treatment. This initiative is for those who have a certain physical or mental illness. The program addresses the vulnerability these disabled persons go through every day in their lives.

Ehsaas Khidmat Card

Therefore, it was the need to bring something for such people because they are an equal part of this society. The successful life and welfare of such people shouldn’t be limited just because they have a disability. It is important that government and such welfare organizations join hands in uplifting the lives of disabled persons.

8171 Ehsaas Disabled Program Registration 2024

The Registration for Ehsaas Khidmat Card program is made open for those who are applying for the first time and those who were rejected the last time due to some reason. The major reason for applications getting rejected even when people are poor and eligible is that they don’t get their information recorded in the dynamic registry of NSER.

8171 Ehsaas Disabled Program Registration

Without this basic requirement, they cannot get any help whatsoever. This system was implemented to ensure accountability, transparency, and fair allocation of funds. Otherwise, without proper data collection and investigation, it is not possible for the authorities to track the records of people.

It is therefore necessary for people to understand the importance and need of this survey. This thing is very important so everyone should pay attention to it. 

BISP Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Khidmat Card – Purpose and Benefits

There are as many as no set criteria, especially for the Ehsaas Khidmat card. However, the basic requirements should be there in the person applying for this initiative. The candidate must be a Pakistani, must be poor and deserving, and must hold a certificate as proof of his/her disability. If you fulfill these requirements then, you can apply for an Ehsaas Khidmat card.

BISP Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Khidmat Card

This initiative empowers those who don’t just belong to poor families but also have a disability. Their disability shouldn’t be a hurdle in their journey. Government and social welfare organizations should make maximum efforts to empower these individuals.

Khidmat Card and Medical Equipment – Latest Update CNIC Check NADRA

According to the updates, the process of disbursement of Khidmat cards has been started. Those who want to get this card should apply as soon as possible. Not only do the authorities distribute cards, but they also provide medical equipment such as crutches to those whose physical mobility depends on that.

Khidmat Card and Medical Equipment

Anyone who wishes to apply must do it after their NSER is conducted. This information will serve as a database for providing facts about the living conditions and social status of applicants. The inception of such initiatives is such a healthy step and will contribute immensely not only to the social welfare of poor people but also to the overall economy.

This addresses the fact that these people are an equal part of our country and deserve all rights that a normal person has. More and more such programs should come on the surface and should worked on.


What is the 8171 Ehsaas Khidmat card and what is it doing for poor people?

The 8171 Ehsaas Khidmat card provides relief to poor people who are physically or mentally disabled for any reason. Under this program, they provide them with financial aid and medical equipment like crutches so that their physical immobility doesn’t become a hindrance to their empowerment. 

How can one apply this new initiative by ehsaas and BISP?

There is no such requirement, you just need to fulfill basic needs and documents such as ID cards, etc. The basic requirement of a survey of dynamic registry must be fulfilled otherwise authorities will not entertain any application.

What to do if our application is rejected even when we are poor?

Many people have the same concern about their applications getting rejected. The reason is that they do not get their survey conducted and without this requirement, they apply to ehsaas program initiatives. This ends up in the rejection of their applications.

Final Verdict

This is a great development in ehsaas programme 8171 and an achievement as they are providing relief to disabled persons. Under this initiative, the authorities have decided to provide khidmat cards on which free medical treatment will be given to disabled persons in our country.

Not only this, the program also provides interest-free loans to such people so that they can utilize this money to start their businesses if they want. The authorities also aim to provide educational means to these people so that they study and can do jobs to earn their own money. 

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